Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride?

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride?Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride from water? Yes, reverse osmosis does an excellent job of removing more than 90% of fluoride from your water. The special membranes help block dangerous toxins, minerals and other chemicals. While the water is small enough to get pushed through the membrane, most other material cannot.

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In this article, you will learn how some methods of fluoride removal do not work, and how you can also get too much fluoride from other sources.

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride? – A Few Myths About Other Methods To Remove Fluoride From Water.

Here are some methods that people believe fluoride can be removed. However, these are only myths:

  • Boiling – Boiling your water is a quick way to disinfect it. This method has been used for centuries. However, even though it kills off bacteria, parasites, and other germs, it only helps to concentrate the amount of fluoride in the water.
  • Freezing – Lowering the temperature of water until it freezes, will not remove fluoride.

The fact is, many filtering methods remove particles from your water, but most do not eliminate fluoride.

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride? - Other Ways to Lessen Fluoride.

When asking, "Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride?" you should also question if there are any other ways to help you remove excessive fluoride from what you eat and drink.

There are those, who believe that fluoride is only added to the water we drink and to toothpaste, but unfortunately, this assumption is not true. Fluoride is also added to other products, too.

There is no water that is pure, but reverse osmosis probably is the closest to the purest form, because it removes most contaminants.

Try to eliminate these:

• Canned Foods - Did you know that processing plants often use fluoride as a way of preserving food in cans? This could affect the amount of fluoride in your body, regardless if you are using a reverse osmosis water filter, or not.

• Beverages - Nearly all bottled beverages contain fluoride in the water that is used. Unless it shows on the bottle that the water was filtered with reverse osmosis (some labels show this), the source of the water was probably from public taps that contain fluoride.

• Read Medication Labels - There are some medications that include fluoride. Many medicines that treat osteoporosis are a good example. Learn to read labels before putting something in your mouth, even if it's medication that was prescribed to you from a doctor. You can always ask the doctor if there is an alternative medicine, which doesn't contain fluoride.

• Teas - Certain teas, especially red and black, contain significant levels of fluorine in the leaves.

In conclusion, fluoride is good for kid’s teeth, but too much of it can cause health problems. Doctors have long known that fluoride can dull the creative and reasoning parts of the brain. Plus, researchers in China have found that children with too much fluoride have lower IQ’s than children with too little fluoride.

In this article, you have learned the answer to the question, “Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride?” It’s now up to you to find a filtering method that is right for you.

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